Whole, sweet, Maine special fried clams with small bellies in crispy batter.

Fully cooked lightly, ready to gently reheat at home in your oven, fryer, or air fryer.

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In oven:

1.Preheat oven to 375F

2.Place pre-cooked, breaded clams on a cookie sheet onto center rack in oven

3.Bake 10-20 minutes


In fryer:

1.Heat oil to 350F

2.Fill fryer basket with pre-cooked, breaded clams; no more than half full.

3.Gently stir or shake to ensure clams do not stick together or clump

4.Remove from oil and drain after 45-75 seconds, or until desired doneness is achieved.


We take our seafood seriously at Cove Surf and Turf, so we only use the best quality clams for our dishes. This is New England, after all! In our Fried Clams dish, we use only premium Maine clams from Ipswich Shellfish. Each clam is dug up by hand in the flats of Maine, then shipped in crates to Ipswich Shellfish. From there, the clams are each hand shucked, packed in gallon containers, and shipped directly to us several times each week.

Unlike typically cheaper, large-bellied fried clams that can be gritty and tough to chew, our clams are considered the best in the world and have small, sweet, tender bellies. We take great pride in our clams and set aside time to thoroughly clean each one, ensuring a delicious and sand-free tasting experience for our guests.

Because we sell such high quantities of this dish we are able to price our clams competitively, despite the high cost of acquisition. After making our Fried Clams in the restaurant so many times, we have made this dish one of our greatest and most beloved specialties.

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